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The Shiants are a small group of islands in the Hebrides, in North West Scotland, four miles or so off the coast of Lewis and 12 from the northern tip of Skye, which lies almost due south of them. They are one of the marvels of the Hebrides and their previous owner, Adam Nicolson, has published a book about them under the title of Sea Room. As he says there, the book is 'an attempt to tell the whole story, as I now understand it, of a tiny place in as many dimensions as possible: geologically, spiritually, botanically, historically, culturally, aesthetically, ornithologically, etymologically, emotionally, politically, socially, archaeologically and personally.'

Not everything that has been written or discovered about the islands could be fitted within the covers of the book and so this website works as a kind of annexe, in which anyone who is interested can read further into the background and details of this extraordinary place.

Members of the British Trust for Ornithology on a recent expedition to the Shiants found the two oldest Puffins in Britain. Read more ...

Recent additions

NEW The annual bird report of the Shiants Auk Ringing Group has been added to the Natural History section.

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Archaeology Icon Archaeology Reports, drawings maps and plans from the survey and excavation carried out in 2000. Also includes the 2006 report ...
Geology Icon Geology Papers investigating the Shiants' origins two miles beneath the surface of the Earth 58 million years ago....
Natural History Icon Natural history The islands are one of the great bird stations of the northern hemisphere (and the only place in the British Isles where the Black Plague rat survives in any numbers). A selection of biologists' papers are included here.
Historical Archive Icon Historical archive Documents and photographs from the Shiants' past.
Sea Room Sea Room Read a sample chapter from Adam Nicolson's book about the Shiants.....
Westminster in the Shiants WSIE 1958 In 1958, a group of Westminster schoolboys spent an adventurous month on the islands. Many of their records and photos are here...

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Map of the Islands (Modern)

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